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Super Bowl XLI Prediction

To start off with, I have been a Bears fan since birth.  So I am probably biased when I say that I think the Bears will win the Super Bowl this Sunday.  However, I did think they would lose to the Saints two weekends ago, so that just shows how good my predictions are.  Anyways, here are some of the things I am looking at regarding the upcoming game.

1.  I have heard way too many times that it’s going to come down to Rex Grossman vs. Peyton Manning.  The thing people seem to overlook is that Manning is facing the Bears’ defense, not Grossman.  It’s common knowledge that Manning is a better quarterback, but he has to go up against one of the best defenses in the NFL this Sunday.  That’s just a little something I think people need to realize.

2.  Another point I keep hearing, mostly from Packer fans, is that Grossman is going to blow the game.  Ron Turner, the Bears offensive coordinator, is not going to allow that.  He experimented in the regular season with putting the game on Grossman’s shoulders, and that is when we saw Rex at his worst.  With a field position minded, clock-controlling running game, the Bears with keep both the Colts offense off the field and Grossman from having to try and make big plays.

3.  Special teams is going to play a large roll in the Super Bowl.  It does every year and is only talked about after the game.  It’s hard not to give the huge edge to the Bears in this department.  Devin Hester is the best return man in the game, and the Colts are near the bottom of the league in shutting down returns.  On the other side, the Bears are one of the best in the league in covering kicks.  The kicking game is pretty even with the Bears having a better punter in Brad Maynard and the Colts having a proven clutch kicker in Adam Vinatieri.  Bears kicker Robbie Gould is a Pro Bowler in his second season though, so he is reliable as well.

Enough analysis already!  I just cannot wait for this game to be played.  Any way you look at it, it looks like it is going to be a great game.

Final Score: Bears 24, Colts 17    MVP: Thomas Jones

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