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Lance Briggs Makes More Noise and the Washington Post recently reported that there have been trade talks between the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins over Lance Briggs.  The claim is that Washington is willing to swap first round draft picks with the Bears to get Briggs.  The Bears would move up and take the 6th overall pick, while the Redskins would receive the 31st pick in this year’s draft. 

I really don’t see this actually happening.  The main reason for this is because the Bears’ front office is extremely stubborn.  It took forever for them to give Lovie Smith an briggs.jpgextension after leading the Bears to the playoffs two years ago and the Super Bowl last year.  They gave former Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera the boot because he wanted more money than they were willing to dish out, even though he probably deserved it.  And then they slapped the franchise tag on Briggs instead of giving him a long term deal which has lead to this whole ordeal.  They have options to move him but aren’t going to do it because it might look like the front office is getting pushed around.  Not to mention the fact that Chicago doesn’t appreciate that Drew Rosenhaus doing everything he can to hype this thing up.

That in itself is reason enough for the Bears not to trade Briggs, but I don’t think that the Bears are looking to move up that high in the draft either.  The front office feels like they are capable of finding good talent later in the draft.  It’s kind of their thing, and they are actually pretty good at it.  Chicago only has six first round draft picks on its entire roster.  Picking at 6 would go against the way the Bears like to do things.  They could get the 6th pick and then trade up in the middle of the first round, but it seems more likely that they would just package their current 31st and 37th picks together in a trade to get in that position. 

I like Briggs as a player, but I think he’s replaceable.  I would like to see Chicago trade him.  They can always use some more draft picks and Briggs isn’t going to do much good sitting on the bench or causing distractions.  The front office’s image isn’t going to be any better by them holding their ground and keeping him around.  Everyone can see that they mean business, but apparently so does Briggs.  Or does he? 

Briggs initially said he was willing to sit out the entire season if he had to play for the Bears because he would never wear that jersey again.  Now, two weeks later, he has changed his tune and will just sit out the first ten games.  Give him a month or two and I bet he will play the whole season…under protest, of course. 

That’s probably what Chicago is thinking, too.


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