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Strike a Pose-y

The Bulls/Heat series has been all Chicago the first two games, and I am loving every minute of it.  The one thing that really gets me though is that flagrant foul that was called on P.J. Brown for supposedly pushing James Posey into the stands.  It was obvious that Posey was out of control and didn’t need any help supermanning into the cameramen.  It’s also pretty ironic because Posey has a history of intentionally going after Bulls’ players.  I unsuccessfully tried to find a video of that play to post here.

That play was called by many the “weakest flagrant foul in history.”  Unfortunately, Brown only held that honor for a few hours because the NBA recinded the call shortly after the game.  It was that bad of a call that they didn’t even need to sleep on it.

So if you can’t tell by now, I am not a big James Posey fan.  Here are a couple of videos that show how dirty of a player Posey is. 

That is last year’s playoff series where Chicago’s disdain for Posey began.

That video is this year.  I love how the announcer says “Posey always does that!”

Easily my favorite Posey video.  The crowd really gets into it with a chant of “Posey sucks!”

I tried to find a video on Posey breaking Tyrus Thomas’s nose earlier this season but couldn’t come up with that one either.

Posey is the type of guy that should be suspended for awhile because he blatantly goes after players and tries to hurt them.  I really hope the Bulls finish out this series strong and send the Heat packing.  A little icing on the cake would be to throw Michael Sweetney on the court and have him launch Posey into the upper deck.


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