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McHale is NOT the Best GM in Sports recently released its list of the top General Managers in all of sports.  The article wrote about this can be found here.

Basically, Forbes looked at the four major sports and tried to pick out the best GM.  Their criteria were two fold.  First, they looked at how each team performed prior to the arrival of their current GM and compared it to how they performed with their previous GM.  Second, they looked at how each team’s payroll compares to the league median.  The first criterion was weighted twice as important since winning is the ultimate measure of success.

After all of the numbers were crunched, Kevin McHale, the GM for the Minnesota mchale1.jpgTimberwolves, emerged as the best there is.  What a joke!  This is why Forbes should never try to report information relating to sports.  Ever.

McHale should not even be in the top 10.  The data is skewed because the Timberwolves were absolutely horrible before he took over.  Now that they are average, it seems like he had something to do with it.  A guy named Kevin did have something to do with it, but that is Kevin Garnett. 

If anything, McHale should be looked at as one of the worst GM’s in sports for not putting the right pieces around KG.  Garnett is an unbelievable talent, and I think it’s McHale’s fault that the Wolves haven’t been able to make a serious title run during the Garnett era.  They had a little something going with Sam Cassell and Latrell Spreewell, but that got broken up.  Now they are sinking back into mediocrity.

Forbes could have randomly selected a GM and been more on target than they were with McHale.  I don’t know who the best GM out there is, although Jerry Angelo, Billy Beane, Joe Dumars, Brian Cashman, and even Jerry Jones come to mind, but I know that it definitely is not Kevin McHale.


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  1. Hi all,
    i think you all would also be interested in a bit of cricket action as the World Cup 2007 to be hosted at the Carribeans is just round the corner…If you are an Indian fan you would enjoy reading my blog

    Comment by gdsarda24 | March 5, 2007

  2. Pretty much the same view I had when I blogged on the Forbes list yesterday.

    T-wolves were horrible
    T-wolves draft Garnett
    T-wolves bring in McHale
    McHale goes cheap (half the Forbes criteria)
    T-wolves are mediocre

    On a side note, I was playing with the ESPN Lottery game predicter thingy and the T-wolves popped up with the First overall pick. Wouldn’t the T-wolves be devasting with Garnett and Oden/Durant? I’m sure McHale would take that opportunity to trade Garnett to the Bulls for P.J. Brown or something idiotic like that.

    Comment by manaretta | March 6, 2007

  3. I think John Schuerholz should be up there.

    McHale is terrible! Only Isaiah saves him from being the worst in Basketball. GM’s must salivate when he calls them up to propose a deal. Even Danny Ainge gets the better of him!

    It’s even worse because not only has he been terrible, but he has simultaneously ruined Kevin Garnett’s career.

    I hope I am as good in what I do in life as Kevin McHale is bad at being a General Manager.

    Comment by tyduffy | March 8, 2007

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