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College Basketball Player of the Year

In a college basketball season that has given us no clear cut favorite for National Champion, I also find myself wondering who the Player of the Year will be.  My top five, in no particular order quite yet, are Acie Law, Kevin Durant, Alando Tucker, Nick Fazekas, and Greg Oden.  Here’s how I think it will all pan out.

      tucker-and-oden.jpg           durant.jpg          law.jpg          fazekas.jpg

5.  Nick Fazekas, Nevada.  He is easily one of my favorite players in college basketball.  I have only seen him play a few times because, well let’s be honest, he plays for Nevada.  Since the WAC really isn’t one of the NCAA’s premier conferences, he won’t garner the attention he arguably deserves.  However, he’s a walking double-double and should be a very high draft pick next year.

4.  Greg Oden, Ohio State.  He’s a huge name and probably was on many people’s Player of the Year ballots before he even stepped on the floor.  In reality, he’s been good but not dominant.  He has shown flashes that he’s the next Ewing or whoever you want to compare him to, but the consistency isn’t there yet.  In all fairness to Oden, he has played the season with basically one hand.

3.  Alando Tucker, Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is my team, but the past couple of weeks have definitely hurt Tucker.  He’s likely to win Big Ten POY, but I can’t picture him taking the national honors over Law or Durant.  Tucker is a great leader and has shown he can do a little bit of everything on the basketball court.  His numbers are good, and he plays a lot bigger than he really is.  Two weeks ago, he was my POY, but two consecutive losses have left me with fewer reasons to justify that.

2.  Acie Law, Texas A&M.  How fun is this guy to watch in the last 5 minutes of a game!  He has an unbelievable ability to make plays with the game on the line.  That might be his biggest downside though, as well.  It seems like unless he has to make a shot, he doesn’t focus as much.  There were at least 3 times in the Texas game last night that he could have put the Aggies ahead late but missed wide open shots or booted it out of bounds.  Regardless, this kid is special and a great leader. 

1.  Kevin Durant, Texas.  I can’t find a good reason that Durant should not be Player of the Year.  He can do it all and is extremely poised for a freshman.  He rivals Law in his ability to make plays with the game on the line.  25 ppg, 12 rpg, 2 stls, 2 blks, 49% from the field, 42% from 3 point land, he can do it all.  Shows great leadership on a young team that needed a leader.  He’s the main reason Texas is going to be a big time threat in March.


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  1. I like your picks, I wish Drew Neitzel on Michigan State got a little more publicity. Hes no Kevin Durant but he is like a Nick Fazekas, without Neitzel or Fazekas, their respective teams would be in bad shape.

    Comment by joeyballgame | March 3, 2007

  2. Neitzel is tough. MSU definitely would not be a potential NCAA Tournament team without him.

    Comment by sappelhans | March 3, 2007

  3. Tucker is player of the year. give it to the senior

    Comment by Anonymous | March 6, 2007

  4. Hey i tried to register for your baseball blog, but i did not get the conformation e-mail.

    Comment by Matthew DeBarros | March 6, 2007

  5. Oden does not deserve it. I’m not saying he isn’t a great player, but he didn’t prove it this year, due to the hand injury and the lack of conditioning.

    Law is definitely an MVP-type of guy. He not only scores, but he runs the team. He is definitely the sparkplug for A&M. I’d give it to him.

    Comment by extrapolater | March 7, 2007

  6. Acie Law, Texas A&M. are the best for me 🙂

    Comment by richard duff | February 18, 2010

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