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Silence Surrounds the Trade Deadline: Chicago the Real Winner

The NBA trade deadline came and went today with no serious action. dixon.jpg Fred Jones and Juan Dixon changed addresses, while Anthony Johnson packed his bags for Atlanta in exchange for a 2nd round draft.  That was about it. 

The big story in all of this is the lack of big name players moving to contenders.  We have heard about Pau Gasol possibly going to Chicago, Jason Kidd heading to LA, and even Mike Bibby being shipped to help out Cleveland, but none of those deals came to be.  Each of these players was supposed to help put their new team over the edge and make them “serious” contenders.

Am I surprised at the lack of activity? Yeah, a little.  I thought that something big would happen.

Kidd to the Lakers would have been a great trade for the present but probably not for the future.  Kidd would have played the distributor role that Kobe has embraced, so Bryant would have been freed upto drop 35 a night.  The Lakers would have more than likely had to give up Bynum though, which would have hurt when he becomes a stud in a couple of years.

Being a Bulls fan, I’m actually glad that Chicago didn’t make the trade for Pau Gasol.  If the Bulls were going to get a low post presence, go for it all and get KG.  We know that wasn’t going to happen, but settling for Gasol would have been a mistake.  I don’t know what Memphis wanted, but if it included either Ben Gordon or Luol Deng, it was already too much.  They are both young and amazingly talented.  I really like the group of players Chicago has right now.  They don’t have that “go to” guy in the post, but they have so many slashers and shooters that they don’t need one in my opinion.  Chicago already has the pieces to come out of the Eastern Conference, don’t count them out.


February 22, 2007 - Posted by | Basketball, NBA, Sports


  1. I must respectfully disagree about Gasol. I think he could have really enhanced the Bulls offensively. Having a low post scoring threat like Gasol would have opened things up for the rest of the jumpshooters. Since Wallace is basically a non-entity on offense I think that could have helped them out. Deng I wouldn’t have given up but Gordon I would have considered.

    Comment by tyduffy | March 1, 2007

  2. After looking a little deeper into the situation, I must say I am confused. They picked up PJ Brown so they could trade his expiring contract before the deadline and get a low post presence like Gasol. I’m probably just partial to the group of guys they Bulls have right now since I’ve seen them grow together the last few years (minus Wallace)

    What I really wish would have happened was to never have given away Tyson Chandler since he is basically Ben Wallace but younger.

    Comment by sappelhans | March 1, 2007

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