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Brett Favre is Returning

With the sting of last night’s Super Bowl still fresh, I figured I should write this blog so I can attempt to forget about football and move on with my life (for a little while at least). 

 Let’s talk a little about Brett Favre.  Ask most Packers fans what they think about Favre’s return and you’ll likely get a response, “We’re going to the Super Bowl!”  That further cements my claim that Packers fans are the most delusional group of people in sports today.  Don’t get me wrong, they love their Packers, but it is to the point that they lose touch with reality. 

In reality, Favre is not the same quarterback who won the Super Bowl back in 1997.  He’s not even the same guy he was two years ago.  This is a guy that had a worse quarterback rating than the awful Rex Grossman this past season.  Favre is now pretty average.  The stats don’t lie.

Does he still give you a chance to win every Sunday?  Definitely.  Will he make some plays that “only Brett Favre can make?”  No doubt about it.  But when it comes down to it, Favre coming back does anything but make the Packers instant contenders. 

So wake up Packers nation, you are getting the 38 year old version of #4 next season, not the 28 year old version.  I’m not saying the Packers can’t do good things with Favre at the helm, but he is not going to put them on his shoulders and carry them Super Bowl XLII.


February 5, 2007 - Posted by | Favre, Football, NFL


  1. First off, let’s talk a little about the Super Bowl Sunday. I, as a Packer fan, could not have been happier with the way the game went.

    Opening kickoff returned for a touchdown. Bears fans, including Mr. Appelhans, are ecstatic, very animated, and just down right aroused. I kept quiet knowing my time will come. After what seemed like the two weeks of my life, hearing nothing but talk of the Bears being in the Super Bowl, the game ended and I could celebrate, finally.

    Sorry to digress, but I had to throw that in there. I will now move on to our topic of discussion, Mr. Brett Favre.

    Ask any fan of professional football, except a Packer fan, and they will tell you that Green Bay over achieved this year, and was no where near as good as their 8-8 record. Ask Packer fans and they will tell you a main reason for the late season success, and near playoff appearance, was made possible by Brett Favre.

    Brett Favre is not the same quarterback he was during the Packers Super Bowl seasons. He is not that same young kid who could run around and make near impossible throws. But Brett Favre is the Packers. He took Green Bay from a mediocre team to a Super Bowl contender in only a few seasons. So when fans get excited, and start talking about their upcoming Super Bowl run, it is because Green Bay has its leader and captain back, if only for one more season.

    Comment by Zane | February 6, 2007

  2. I will admit that Brett has not had the greatest numbers as of late, but can you blame him? His supporting cast has been less than average.

    That being said, the Packers, as a whole, showed great improvement at the end of this season, winning four straight, including a rout of the Superbowl runner-up Chicago Bears. (I don’t care if the Bears had nothing to play for. A win is a win.) Next season, Brett will have the usual reliablity of Donald Driver, along with a more experienced Greg Jennings. This means that Brett will have two solid options to throw the ball to. Hopefully, the Packers will also address the tight end position in the off-season. Should they acquire a solid tight end (Bubba is all washed up) this would give Farve a third option to throw the ball to, and greatly improve the Packer’s red zone offense. Also, you have to remember that the Packers started two rookies on the offensive line for most of last season. These rookies will be more experienced and should give Farve better protection next season. This extra protection, along with two solid recievers and a better tight end should allow Farve to improve his numbers next season.

    Furthermore, the Packers defense was greatly improved at the end of last season, giving up just 23 points in their last three games. With a productive off-season, addressing, in my opinion, the strong saftey position in particular, the Packers defense could be one of the strongest in the league. I do not mean to say that they will be anything like the Bears D or Ravens D, but they should be very good.

    Mr. Appelhans says that Packer fans are delusional. Before he makes such a bold statement, he should look at the what the Packers do have returning next year. That being said, it is hard to say the the return of Brett Farve propels the Packers to the Superbowl, but it does give them a chance. A chance is all you need in the NFL; that is why they play the games.

    Comment by Adam | February 8, 2007

  3. My post was just talking about Favre returning, not all of the other factors which you mentioned. I realize other factors play a roll, but my point is that Favre returning doesn’t improve the team anymore than Ahman Green or Donald Driver returning does. His return isn’t going to take you up to the next level. He played with similarly skilled players to now when they won the Super Bowl in ’96…one good wide out in Antonio Freeman, solid running backs in Edgar Bennet and Levens, and a tight end in his decline in Chmura. Farve is what made that team great. Yes, he’s your leader and face of your franchise, but he is not the same player he once was.

    Comment by sappelhans | February 8, 2007

  4. I realize that your post was about Farve’s return, however football is a team sport, so supporting cast is crucial. Without a supporting cast, I don’t care how good a quarterback is, they will not be successful.

    Look at Grossman. If it all rode on the quarterback, the Bears would have only won the games that he played well. They would not have been bailed out by their defense, as they were much of the year.

    I guess to be more specific to your post, yes, Farve’s return does make them contenders. I am not saying they are the top contender, but they at least have a chance, a better chance than if Rodgers started.

    Your statement about Levens and Bennet is not accurate in my view. If you look at most many of the successful teams in this era, they have a running back tandem. For instance, take this year’s Superbowl. Chicago had Benson and Jones, and the Colts had Addai and Rhodes. Therefore, I feel that the tandem of running backs was a key role in the Packers Superbowl run in ’96. Levens and Bennet may not be as skilled as the running backs I mentioned, but I think that the tandem did play a key role. Also don’t forget about Desmond Howard. Not at the same level, but much like a Hester.

    Also, Farve’s return is much bigger than Ahman’s. Running backs are realitively easy to come by in the NFL, and I don’t think that the Packers would have too much trouble replacing Ahman should he leave. On the other hand, Farve’s return give the Packers a top notch quarterback rather than a young guy who has not seen much PT.

    Comment by Adam | February 8, 2007

  5. First of all, I would hardly call Favre top notch at this point in his career.

    Secondly, I understand what you mean about the Packers being better with Favre than they would be with Rogers, there is no doubt about that.

    Third, I’m not sure what you mean about the running back tandems. Everyone has a tandem in the NFL to some extent.

    Running backs are easy to come by meaning there are a lot of them? Well, there are a lot of quarterbacks, too. Good ones, bad ones, just like running backs. You can’t tell me there’s no difference between Tomlinson and Maurice Morris taking a hand off.

    But back to the original post, Favre will not take them far. Like I said, the Packers can still do good things with Favre, but he’s not going to carry them like he did before.

    Comment by sappelhans | February 8, 2007

  6. The Packers did not have much of a tandem this year. Green and who????? About the running backs yes there is a difference between great running backs and poor ones, but there are many average running backs. More average running backs than average quarterbacks.

    Comment by Adam | February 9, 2007

  7. I forgot about Morency in my last post, however Green and Morency is not nearly as strong of a tandem as Bennet and Levens.

    Comment by Adam | February 9, 2007

  8. Green Bay 2006
    Green 1059 yds. 5 tds
    Morency 421 yds. 2 tds
    Total 1480 yds. 7 tds

    Green Bay 1996
    Bennet 899 yds. 2 tds
    Levens 566 yds. 5 tds
    Total 1465 yds. 7 tds

    Looks to me like the 2006 tandem of Green and Morency is pretty similar to the 1996 tandem of Bennet and Levens.

    Comment by sappelhans | February 9, 2007

  9. wow research

    Comment by Adam | February 10, 2007

  10. I guess I should have done my own.

    Comment by Adam | February 10, 2007

  11. How many 8-8 teams have the Superbowl as a realistic goal in their next season? So my question to you is: Is it really fair to equate Brett Farve’s success in the upcoming year to the Packers making it to the Superbowl?

    Comment by Adam | February 10, 2007

  12. E grande io ha trovato il vostro luogo! Le info importanti ottenute! ))

    Comment by toscana | April 15, 2007

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